My passion for travel started back in 1985 when I checked-in for my first transatlantic flight from Vienna, Austria to New York City. It ended up being a one-way ticket. Once in the United States, I started my first full-time job working in travel, which stimulated my interest in traveling around the world. It began when I visited the city every weekend for a year and fell in love with the city’s vibrancy, museums, galleries, restaurants and diversity. Fascinated by unfamiliar cultures and the world itself, I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to explore other countries across the globe.

I started as a clerical assistant in a local travel agency, which instilled my excitement for the travel industry. After a few years, I launched my own agency and joined into a great partnership with Travel Experts and its Virtuoso membership, helping to elevate the sales experience for both myself and my clients.

I specialize in very unique and tailor-made travel experiences for my clients. No trips are ever alike. My other personal assets are being bilingual, along with a strong knowledge of geography. My qualifications and skills allow me to instill confidence in my clients to try new destinations and go on roads less traveled.

When away from the office, I enjoy soft adventure travel such as biking across the Pyrenees Mountains or along the countryside of Vietnam, hiking and skiing the mountains of the European Alps, Scuba Diving in the South Seas or Turks and Caicos Islands. My new favorite is a week away at a Wellness Spa. Other specialties include River Cruising, Multi-Generational trips and the National Parks of the USA.

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